My mission is to find and acquire a great business, one that would ideally meet all of the criteria listed below. I intend to work with committed sellers to create a transaction structure that meets both of our needs.

Desired Financial Characteristics

  • Revenue > $5mm, growing > 10% annually
  • EBITDA > $1.5mm, with >20% margin
  • 3+ year history of profitability
  • Minimal CAPEX requirements
  • Recurrent revenue

Desired Business & Industry Characteristics

  • Simple and understandable, service-based business model
  • Fragmented industry with secular tailwinds
  • Low customer concentration, cyclicality, and regulatory risk
  • Large addressable market (greater than $1.0 Billion)
  • High return (>25%) on tangible assets
  • High barriers to entry

Desired Human Characteristics

  • Motivated seller:
    • Owner seeking liquidity and / or exit, typically to retire
    • Serial entrepreneur ready to transition to next venture
    • Owner desires a more focused role (e.g. sales, technology)
    • Entrepreneur in need of skilled board
  • Loyal and dedicated workforce
  • Solid middle management team
  • Culture aligned around core values