Stuart is an Analyst at Linc Partners.

Stuart Till is a Sophomore at Davidson College and is interested in Global Economics, Anthropology and English. He is originally from Johannesburg South Africa, but immigrated to Raleigh, North Carolina at the age of 13. Since coming to Davidson, he has become involved in Student Government especially in regard to increasing diversity on campus.

He founded and organization called Common Ground which tackles issues relating to minority students including but not limited to race, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, and gender identity. This past summer Stuart received a Dean Rusk Grant to attend a Spanish Immersion School in Quetzaltenango Guatemala where he perused his interest in the Spanish Language. This experience helped him identify his passion for anthropology and sociology which he hopes to combine with his interest in business and economics.

Eventually he would like to construct new and innovated ways to conduct business in order to reshape and influence culture. In his free time, he enjoys acting, cycling, and swimming.